Tablet / Kiosk

The kiosk enables customers to enroll in your loylty program or submit

contact information via a self service kiosk.

Eliminate Data Entry Issues

Speed Up Data Entry Process

Email Validation​ Upon Entry

Reduce Duplicates in Retail Pro

Customer Experience

Customer De-Duplication

• The kiosk system goes to great lengths to avoid creating duplicate customer records in Retail Pro 9 -- this is done through a customer de-duplication algorithm which uses data from all available sources

• When processing loyalty signups, the kiosk system searches for existing customer records in both Retail Pro  9 as well as the OptCulture server

• If a record already exists, the customer's loyalty signup details are used to update the existing customerrecord in Retail Pro; otherwise a new record is created

• Customers are automatically matched using the customer's phone number and email address

• If the customer already has multiple records, the loyalty enrollment data is added to the customer record with the longest sales history


• The kiosk software runs on an iPad (6th-generation model with 9.7" display and Wi-Fi).

• The iPad is locked into a security stand

• Two stand options are available: freestanding (floor stand), and a stand that rests on a counter

• The kiosk hardware and software is sold to you at our cost, with no markup over retail -- our goal is to get the system in your hands, not to up-charge on the equipment


• OptCulture uses special software that "locks" the iPad in "kiosk mode", which prevents customers from exiting the signup form application on the iPad

• The signup form that runs on the iPad is built using standard web technologies -- the signup form is a webform

            • The same webform that is used on the kiosk may also be             embedded in your website, which would enable customer records to             be created in Retail Pro whenever a customer signs up online for             your loyalty program or newsletter

• While you remain a subscriber to the OptCulture kiosk solution, the iPad is locked-down for use only with the OptCulture loyalty signup system, and the iPad is remotely managed through a mobile device management 
(MDM) system

            • This enables OptCulture to more easily provide remote support and             maintenance

            • Upon termination of service, the iPad is wiped and unlocked for             your use


• The kiosk hardware is shipped to your store pre-integrated, so that minimal assembly is required upon arrival

• Ahead of the equipment's arrival, OptCulture's "gateway" software is installed on the Retail Pro server at each store utilizing the kiosk system

            • The gateway securely facilitates communication between the kiosk             system and Retail Pro 9

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