Loyalty Programs

Are customers choosing other brands over yours? Did you know that customers who participate in a loyalty program are more likely to buy from you over competitors? Drive value and growth with innovative OptCulture loyalty programs across your physical and e-commerce stores.

Program Types

Percentage Based
The most simple type of program, but by far the most common. Customers receive a percentage of their purchase as rewards to

use at a later time.

Roll Over
Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points are then converted to dollars and points return to 0.

Promo Based
Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points always continue to accumulate. Customers redeem rewards through emailed promotions

Fully Customizable

Point Based, Cash Back, and More


Update and sync with Retail Pro


with Promo Manager to offer loyalty benefits 

and track ROI


Online Balance Check
for Customers

Automated Email & 
​Text Reminders