In The Beginning There
Were 4 Campaigns

Benji Gault - April 26, 2019

How To: 

Start Your Email Marketing Journey

Who doesn't like a warm welcome? A simple welcome email, maybe one combined with a small gift, is a great way to set the tone and get customers excited about receiving communication from you. This email needs to have great content, possibly a brief paragraph about the stores history, customer testimonials, links to product information and the store website. Content is key! This email is going to set the tone for all future communication with this client. Emails need to provide value to the customer, whether that value is product or store knowledge or even a small gift, a perceived value will result in a higher engagement rate. This is especially critical when it comes to the first email a customer receives. If it fails to meet the customers standards the likelihood of them opening emails moving forward is going to be significantly lower. It is also essential that the sales associate collecting the customer's email address make it very clear that the customer will be receiving a welcome email after this initial purpose. Not communicating this can result in a feeling of intrusion if the contact were to receive an unwanted email, exacerbated if that contact then marks the email as SPAM and possibly affecting your reputation as a sender.

A Welcome Campaign for New Customers

Congratulations, you have just decided to move into the world of email marketing.  Emails reach more than 34% percent of people worldwide; equating to roughly 2.38 billion people, email marketing is becoming a vital part of retailer success. Knowing how to use this tool and getting a good foundation of knowledge will clear a path for communication with both new and current customers. To get the ball rolling here are a few campaigns that every business should start with.

Digital Receipts

Transactional emails earn some of the highest open and engagement rates of any email type making them an essential part of any email marketing program. Along with providing customers valuable information about their transaction, their high open rates make them are a great platform for advertising new or upcoming products as well as informing customers of upcoming events or promotions. Here at OptCulture sending branded digital receipts is simple and receipts can be quickly and easily be updated and altered to reflect branding changes or provide new content to customers. 

Reward Your Best Customers

A rewards program or loyalty program is an obvious place to start, but using OptCulture you can actually segment out those who make larger purchases or shop on a more frequent basis than your average customers. Once these customers have been targeted you can engage them to say thank you or offer them additional promotions as a way of thanking them for their dedication to your business. 

Wish Customers a Happy Birthday!

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday and what better way to be remembered than to receive a special offer from your favorite store. OptCulture has a couple ways to make this possible. Sending a monthly campaign or through using our event trigger feature customers can be contacted in advance of their birthdays, or on the exact day in order to receive their gift.