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Digital Gamified Coupons

One of the best ways to get desired results of gamification is through digital coupons. Coupon marketing grows incessantly and gives brands a competitive edge. And since customer loyalty is critical for brands today, coupons help retain customers by giving them something in return for their purchase. 
The brands that use Coupon marketing have seen exponential growth in their the number of loyalists.
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Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is essential to success in any business, especially in retail! Implementing a rewards program can not only help build a more loyal customer base, but help you stay engaged with customers more than ever.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has remained as one of the best ways to reach your consumers. OptCulture helps you manage your data and takes email marketing to another level. Maximize communication and minimize effort with easy to use segmentation and automation.

Digital Receipts

Digital receipts are making their mark in the retail industry, as they are more eco-friendly. Digital receipts do more than save paper, they help retail businesses collect more accurate data and personalize their communication to engage better.

SMS Marketing

Being able to reach customers in the palm of their hand with SMS is highly effective and helps to create urgency. Use SMS to send loyalty balances, promotions or create excitement about sales, events and more!

Promotion Manager

Most retail businesses try to create excitement behind sales and promotions, but tracking the ROI is difficult. Our built in and fully integrated promotion manager creates unique codes, sends, tracks and reports all promotions. 

Managed Marketing 

No matter what size retailer you are, chances are you are busy! Let us help by designing and scheduling campaigns. We can help you maintain high customer engagement levels, while you are able to tend to other business matters.


Helping Retailers Grow

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