Segments For The Win

09/05/19 12:41 PM By Benji

What is segmenting and why bother?

Segmenting is an essential tool used in marketing that allows businesses to successfully market to specific groups of customers based on attributes. A good example would be a shoe store that has an inventory surplus of size 14 shoes. By segmenting out customers who wear size 14 shoes or have ever purchased size 14 shoes the shoe store can create a marketing campaign for those specific customers. Customers who wear a size other than 14 are not going to be interested in receiving marketing content that has no value to them. Why advertise a product to someone that they cant use? With segmenting, you don’t have to.

What are some good ways to segment customers?

A great place to start would be to use segments to figure out your best customers. You may already know these customers by name or you may not. With OptCulture you can use purchase attributes to find out how many customers are making multiple purchases a month, a year or whatever time frame you choose. Simply grouping these customers together and thanking them for their continuous support is a way to engage on a personal level with your customers. Consider sending these customers an invitation for a special event where new items are unveiled or offer them an additional promotion. 

Segment based on size or brand loyalty. As mentioned with the shoe store example earlier size is an attribute that can be important if you are running a clothing or shoe retail business. Group customers based on size and market to them based on specific items you have in stock that are their size. Send them targeted campaigns with shoes and clothes they can buy that they know are going to fit. Brand loyalty is another way that customers can be segmented. Let's use our shoe store example again, we could segment out all customers that have purchased a particular brand in a specific time period and create a marketing campaign that notifies them of new releases from the brand of their choice.

Who spends what amounts? It is possible with OptCulture to segment out customers based on how much they spend per visit. You could create groups that spend over a certain amount per visit and offer them exclusive offers and just thank them for their support. Personalization goes a long way in marketing.