Dont Ignore a Powerful Marketing Tool - SMS Marketing

12/06/21 01:25 AM By Akhilesh

Undoubtedly, mobile phones have opened up a new business marketing channel to engage with highly targeted audiences. While you’ve been busy trying to get maximum engagement from emails, Adwords, social media campaigns, etc., you might have ignored the most reliable way to communicate with your customers - SMS marketing.


In simple terms, SMS marketing uses mobile phone text messaging services to interact with customers and keep them engaged. Now, you may wonder that amongst various channels of marketing, why use SMS marketing? The answer is pretty simple - SMS offers you an open rate of as high as 98%. If that’s not enough to convince you to add SMS marketing to your omnichannel marketing campaigns, here are more reasons to consider.



It is Highly Personalized

If you want to grow your business and be the consumer's favorite brand, you need to capture their interests by giving them content as per their needs and preferences. If you don’t want to be a part of the inundated ads and branded content, which countless brands are doing, SMS marketing is your way out by sending them personalized and targeted content. It ensures an intimate and tête-à-tête conversation with your customers.


It is Super-fast

The amount of time taken to respond to a text message is mere 90 seconds. On the contrary, it takes on average 90 minutes to respond to an email. SMS is the most effective channel as a turn-around strategy for abandoned carts, promoting new launches, and customer care inquiries. For example, you can send an SMS to customers regarding their order details. Customers don’t even have to bother to check their emails for order confirmation. You’re providing necessary information at your customers’ fingertips. It also tends to make your customers comfortable with your brand.


It is Easy to Set up, Manage, and Track

If you’re investing in marketing, you want to know the ROI. Compared to other channels of marketing, SMS marketing is easy to set up and manage. OptCulture’s SMS marketing solution can set up everything for you in a few minutes and ensures end-to-end management. Further, you can easily track SMS marketing campaigns as the only metric to understand how well an SMS campaign is performing is the click-through rate. Perhaps, click-through rate is the most crucial metric to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. One link in an SMS can deliver valuable information to marketers to develop better campaigns.


It is Cost-effective

One of the prominent advantages of SMS marketing is that you don’t need much money to invest in it yet gives high returns. SMS ensures an open rate of 98%, making it the most reliable direct marketing channel. Further, 29% of targeted customers respond to an SMS, and around 47% of customers purchase. Regardless of the business size, SMS marketing is very affordable. It would be best if you simply had a fail-safe service provider such as OptCulture, that will take care of everything. Since SMS marketing purely revolves around only text and no design elements, you’ll be saving a lot on printing and hiring graphic designers.


It Increases Brand Exposure and Loyalty

Since you can send personalized content to targeted audiences, it drives customer engagement and builds brand loyalty. Simply sending birthday wishes to customers can make them feel special and valued. Such customers tend to stick to the brand and buy often. Studies report that 45% of consumers respond to branded blast messages. And if you include your company name, this number will go high up. If you’re a startup and want to increase brand awareness, you can capture the target audience’s attention with a blast messages strategy and increase the chances of conversion.


Look out for a Reliable Service Provider

To achieve concrete results through SMS marketing, a solid and reliable service provider is a must. You can take a demo of OptCulture’s robust SMS marketing solution and communicate effortlessly with your customers.