Not All Reports Are Boring

07/31/19 04:11 PM By Benji

Email Campaign Reports

What Do They Show?

Simply put they are going to show you the opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and undelivered emails in a campaign. Campaign reports will also display usage activity, showing the number and percentage of customers that opened the email on a mobile or desktop device and even what browser they used to open their email. You will also have the ability to see if someone has marked your email as spam, which should hopefully not be happening. 

Why are they important?

They are extremely important in helping to understand what types of products your market wants and what content they find valuable. Email campaign reports will also help in determining the health of your contacts list. Low open rates could be a sign that your list is too large and only a few are interacting with the emails you are sending. Consider segmenting these active customers out and sending regularly scheduled marketing campaigns to them, yet continuing to contact your entire list albeit on a much less frequent basis. Low open rates could also be a sign to change up the subject lines and look to garner more attention. Combining subject lines with the use of a merge tag is a great way to add that personal touch and in some cases may help improve open rates. Campaign reports can also track clicks which can really be useful in determining which products are capturing customers' attention. For example, an email sent out by a clothing store that shows new arrivals at the store for that month will have a call to action link that directs the customer to the product that they clicked on. By looking at the reports we can see which products were clicked on the most and make a reasonable assumption that those products are going to be popular with customers. 

Campaign reports will also show you which browsers are being used the most and where your emails are getting opened; either on a desktop or a mobile device. Knowing which devices are being used the most is helpful when it comes to design characteristics. OptCulture gives you the option to preview emails in both desktop and mobile views before sending, ensuring that emails opened on either device will have the desired design characteristics.