Latest Research on Email and SMS Marketing

12/23/22 01:33 AM By Ankita

Email and SMS marketing are powerful tools for driving business growth. By sending targeted and personalized messages to customers, businesses can increase engagement, drive traffic and sales, and improve customer loyalty. In this blog post, we'll explore the latest research on email and SMS marketing and how to apply it to your campaigns with OptCulture.

Personalization is the key. 

According to the latest research, personalization is a key factor for improving email and SMS performance. By including the recipient's name, location, or interests in the email or SMS, businesses can create a sense of relevance and connection with the reader. OptCulture allows businesses to easily create personalized email and SMS campaigns, and insert dynamic fields that automatically insert the recipient's name, location, or interests. 

Timing is critical. 

By sending emails and SMS at the right time, businesses can increase the relevance and impact of their messages. OptCulture helps businesses to easily create and automate triggered email and SMS campaigns, and send the right message at the right time based on a specific action or event.

Mobile-friendliness is essential. 

As more and more people are accessing their email on mobile devices it is essential to create emails and SMS that are mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. By creating emails and SMS that are easy to read and engage with on mobile devices, businesses can increase email open and click-through rates, and drive long-term business growth. OptCulture can easily assist to create and test email and SMS on mobile devices, and optimize their performance on the customer’s preferred device.

In conclusion, the latest research on email and SMS marketing indicates that personalization, timing and mobile-friendliness are key factors for improving performance. By using OptCulture, businesses can easily create automated, personalized and trigger email and SMS campaigns to achieve their marketing objectives.