Email Marketing Beyond The Beginning 

11/15/19 11:21 AM By Benji

Creating an Email Marketing Plan

So you have made up your mind and decided that it is time to really commit yourself to email marketing. The panic sets in and the anxiety is overwhelming. “Where do I begin?”, you ask yourself. Worry not young marketing Jedi. OptCulture is here to assist with the deployment of your newest weapon. 

We discussed the four emails that every digital marketing plan should start within the article “In The Beginning There Were Four Campaigns”. These campaigns should all be in place before continuing on to the next steps.

Timing Is Everything 

Start by pulling out that trusty old calendar. Note all the holidays that are most relevant to your business. Are you going to be running promotions for these holidays? Are these days where you typically see more business? Schedule email campaigns to send in advance of these special days and remind your customers to visit your store and inform them of any special promotions or deals that you will be offering in light of these holidays. The three email rule works well in this case; send an email 2 weeks in advance of the holiday, 1 week in advance and the last reminder email the day before the event. This notifies the audience well in advance but also does not burden them with too many emails. 

Do you have events that you normally run? Trunk shows or new arrival events, end of season sales or inventory blowouts? Write down a list of every event that you normally run and schedule corresponding email campaigns. If you have a list of past participants, consider creating a campaign just for them that thanks them for their participation and reminds them not to miss out on the same event this year.

What is the slowest time of year for your store? Plan ahead by creating community events or social events in order to increase the amount of store traffic. Use your new email marketing weapon to let your customers know about your plans. A good idea is to put your upcoming events on your digital receipts. Digital receipts are commonly referred to as transaction emails and have the highest open rate of all emails that are sent. 

Targeted Value

Segment your customers based on purchases and interactions. Are customers opening your emails? No? Then why keep blasting them? With OptCulture we can segment customers based on profile attributes, purchase attributes as well as those customers who are not interacting with your emails which allows for keeping open rates high and preventing large numbers of unsubscriptions. If a customer feels like they are being provided value in your content then they are likely to interact with your marketing.