A Powerful and an Environment-Friendly Marketing Tool: E-receipts

11/18/21 11:23 PM By amith.lulla

Digital transformation has transformed the entire process of receipt generation and management. And today, thanks to digital receipts, retailers are adding plentiful information to every transaction.  


One of the reasons to promote e-receipts is to save on the costs of paper receipts, but retailers realize that they are also an effective way to retain customers. If we observe closely, businesses have a guaranteed touchpoint with each customer through receipts. So, why not leverage this touchpoint for marketing and brand-building opportunities?


With the advent of eCommerce stores and online shopping, e-receipts are gradually becoming a powerful marketing tool to boost your business. If you’re wondering how e-receipts can be a marketing tool, you’re at the right place.

Generate Repeat Orders

Once a customer purchases, you can use the receipt to build an unwavering email list. Since an e-receipt has all the necessary information about a customer, you can reconnect with your customers through email campaigns such as newsletters, announcing discounts and offers, ebooks, etc. Of course, it’s important to take permission from the customer to send promotional messages at the time of collecting the email address. 

Perhaps if you think email marketing is dead, then you’re in a pool of myths. Though social media marketing is the star billing, emails generate around174% more conversions than social giants. You can also ask for customer feedback through email campaigns and improve business operations. You can avoid annoying your customers to pen down the review and instead finish the process in just a few clicks. Quick, efficient, and valuable!

Understanding Customer Preferences and Targeted Marketing

Since you have all the information about a customer with the help of e-receipts, you now precisely know the preferences of a particular set of customers. Based on such information, you can create targeted ads and send them what they want at the right time in the right place. It's all about being personal, relatable, and if you achieve that, you already have an edge and one step ahead of your competitors. Nonetheless, personalization of names, thank you messages, push messages, and loyalty programs are some of the ways you can use to promote the brand and build customer loyalty. 

Moreover, the integration of e-receipts is pretty simple. E-receipts from OptCulture enable you to integrate them directly with your point-of-sale to provide a seamless experience. Studies show that deploying an intelligent e-receipt platform can empower a brand to deliver highly targeted messages, increase conversion chances, and ultimately improve the overall customer experience.

Promote Other Products

Nowadays, receipts are by and large created such that they highlight the brand first, followed by purchase information. Though it includes all information about a purchase, placing the brand as the first thing a customer views can strengthen customer relationships. Have you seen how Amazon’s e-receipts are? Amazon provides a direct and immediate value of what customers are expecting like in the sample below of expected delivery date and then it talks about your specific order. 

Similarly, at the end of the receipt is the “Top Picks” section for products that might be of your interest. This is an excellent way to promote other products without being too aggressive and ‘salesy.’ 

Such promotional activities show that you offer customers an opportunity to make additional purchases and tell them that you’re paying heed to their browsing history. You can also embed website links or social media profiles in the receipts to encourage future interaction.


Wrapping Up

It is time that brands integrate e-receipts into the overall marketing strategy to build a solid connection with customers. Such a strong bond can enable

the marketing team to deliver personalized messaging to each customer. The better the customer retention, the better the growth of your business.