A customer just informed you that your email ended up in their spam folder as opposed to their inbox. Not to worry, this happens to everyone in the world of email marketing. The important thing is to recognize why this may have happened and to take the appropriate actions in order to prevent it from...

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Tips for running successful promotions.
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How To Stand Out In The Inbox

Just about everyone has heard the saying, “there are no second chances at first impressions”. Well, when sending an email, the subject line is the first impression. Subject lines can pique curiosity or induce disinterest, with the latter affecting all future emails. If y...
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How To:

Start Your Email Marketing Journey

Congratulations, you have just decided to move into the world of email marketing.  Emails reach more than 34% percent of people worldwide; equating to roughly 2.38 billion people. With the ability to reach such a large audience in such a short time, it's...
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